Tecnología Radar para el Desarrollo Sustentable

Te dejamos  una serie de herramientas con Tecnología Radar para que las uses. 



After years of radio silence, we are back with an update! Work on Envisioning and our collaborative technology intelligence platform has progressed steadily. Preparing it for public access is proving more challenging than expected, yet we feel more confident than ever in our vision for an open database of emerging technology.
Support in achieving this vision has sprung primarily from the public sector. In recent years we have engaged with several government agencies looking to expand their foresight, emerging technology, and R&D initiatives. Deliverables include technology scouting and assessment using our visualization and database tools, as well as workshops sessions. Most notably:

Future of Sustainable Development

Together with GIZ (the German corporation for international collaboration), we launched the techDetector, an initiative for bringing technology intelligence to the international sustainable development community.

Future of Supply Chain

In collaboration with Deftech (the technology foresight program of the Swiss DoD), we launched a comprehensive study on emerging technologies affecting the future of supply chain.

Future of UAE 2071

With the World Government Summit in the United Arab Emirates, we trained over 300 public officials and launched four studies envisioning the future of agriculture and geo-engineeringdigital citizenshipapplications of artificial intelligence, and UAE 2071.